Professional Education Atlantic College is a low-cost education institution and is dedicated to opening access to career-focused education worldwide. Professional Education Atlantic College works hard to control expenses and has succeeded in ensuring that education is accessible to all individuals. To remain sustainable, Professional Education Atlantic College does charge small application, transfer credit, and Tuition Fees, and reserves the right to change the cost of the Application Processing Fee, the transfer credit Evaluation Fee, or the Tuition Fee, at its discretion. All fees remain the responsibility of the student. The College accepts no responsibility for credit card, bank, money transfer, check or other fees or charges incurred by the student in paying his or her fees to Professional Education Atlantic College.

Application Processing Fee

  • Applicants to Professional Education Atlantic College are required to pay a non-refundable Application Processing Fee of CAD $20 for domestic students and CAD $40 for international students.
  • The Application Processing Fee is subject to change and will apply to applications that are in process.
  • The Application Processing Fee must be paid by the applicant along with his or her application for study at all programs.
  • The Application Processing Fee does not include any additional fees that may be required for third party evaluation.
  • Individuals who apply for readmission and/or academic renewal must pay the Application Processing Fee in effect at the time they reapply to Professional Education Atlantic College.

Applicants unable to pay the Application Processing Fee may contact their advisor to explain why they cannot pay the Application Processing Fee. Professional Education Atlantic College may request clarification and ‘proof of circumstance’ regarding the inability to pay this fee.

Proof of circumstance may include:

  • A signed declaration testifying to the applicant’s inability to pay the requested fee
  • Standardized form signed by the applicant
  • Financial statements
  • Other documentation required by Professional Education Atlantic College

In certain circumstances, Professional Education Atlantic College may be able to award an applicant a grant to help reduce their Application Processing Fee. Applicants eligible for a scholarship upon admittance may be awarded a Professional Education Atlantic College Grant to waive the Application Processing Fee. The availability and award of Grants is determined by Professional Education Atlantic College.

Evaluation Fee for Transfer Credit

  • The CAD $17 Evaluation Fee is assessed on every course that Professional Education Atlantic College accepts for transfer credit.
  • The Evaluation Fee must be paid before a course will be recorded on a Professional Education Atlantic College transcript as having been accepted as meeting a Professional Education Atlantic College credential requirement.

For currently-enrolled Credential Seeking Students, the transfer credit becomes official upon payment of the fee, at which time it is immediately transcripted. For applicants and non-credential students, transfer credit does not become official nor is it transcripted until the individual has paid the fee and has completed at least one graded course as a Credential Seeking Student.

Tuition Fees

  • Tuition Fees apply to all students studying at Professional Education Atlantic College.
  • All Credential Seeking Students and all non-credential students are required to pay a Tuition fee of CAD $95 per credit.
  • All applicants and/or students applying for academic renewal are required to pay Tuition Fees.

Estimated Fees

Total estimated fees (in Canadian Dollars) for a credential program taken entirely at Professional Education Atlantic College are listed below. Fees may be less if a Credential Seeking Student has had transfer credit officially recorded on his or her transcript. Professional Education Atlantic College reserves the right to charge optional or special fees, upon reasonable notice to students, in future terms. There are no optional or special fees for students at present.

ProgramCredentialApplication FeeTuition Fee (per credit)Total CreditTotal Estimated CostsPer Semester Cost
Legal Office AdministrationCertificate$20.00$95.0030$2,870.00 $1,435.00
Medical Office AdministrationCertificate$20.00$95.0030$2,870.00 $1,435.00
Health, Safety & Environmental ManagementCertificate$20.00$95.0030$2,870.00 $1,435.00
Digital and Social Media MarketingCertificate$20.00$95.0030$2,870.00 $1,435.00
Accounting & Payroll ManagementCertificate$20.00$95.0030$2,870.00 $1,435.00
Recycling & Waste ManagementCertificate$20.00$95.0030$2,870.00 $1,435.00
Adult Learning & TeachingCertificate$20.00$95.0030$2,870.00 $1,435.00
Computer ProgrammingCertificate$20.00$95.0030$2,870.00 $1,435.00
Automotive Business ManagementCertificate$20.00$95.0030$2,870.00 $1,435.00
Legal Office AdministrationDiploma$20.00$95.0060$5,720.00 $1,430.00
Medical Office AdministrationDiploma$20.00$95.0060$5,720.00 $1,430.00
Health, Safety & Environmental ManagementDiploma$20.00$95.0060$5,720.00 $1,430.00
Digital and Social Media MarketingDiploma$20.00$95.0060$5,720.00 $1,430.00
Accounting & Payroll ManagementDiploma$20.00$95.0060$5,720.00 $1,430.00
Recycling & Waste ManagementDiploma$20.00$95.0060$5,720.00 $1,430.00
Adult Learning & TeachingDiploma$20.00$95.0060$5,720.00 $1,430.00
Computer ProgrammingDiploma$20.00$95.0060$5,720.00 $1,430.00
Automotive Business ManagementDiploma$20.00$95.0060$5,720.00 $1,430.00
Research Analyst - Social & MarketingAdv. Cert.$20.00$95.0045$4,295.00 $1,431.67
Personal Support Worker (Home Care Attendant)Certificate$20.00$95.0047$4,485.00 $1,495.00
Technical & Professional WritingAdv. Cert.$20.00$95.0045$4,295.00 $1,431.67
Key Account & Marketing ManagementAdv. Cert.$20.00$95.0045$4,295.00 $1,431.67
Agile & Project ManagementAdv. Cert.$20.00$95.0045$4,295.00 $1,431.67


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